Welcome to the home of Magic Productions

If you’ve arrived here because you know me, hi. How the devil are you?

If you’ve stumbled across this eclectic collection of random projects, you might wonder where you are.

This is simply my attempt at bringing together a few of the projects, expeditions or fun things that I’ve done or are working on. Some links will fire you off to other places, some will showcase projects I've been involved with. Others will signpost family and friends to photographs or videos for their viewing pleasure only.

If you want to get in touch about anything, please feel free.

the day job print and online graphic designs

By day I’m a full-time graphic designer, covering a broad spectrum of graphic design. Every day I’m dealing with catalogues, web sites, emails, store POS and in house communications.

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the super fantasy premiership the greatest fantasy football league there is

My primary digital playground. I created and developed this site from scratch to push my graphic and web skills. It also serves as the perfect excuse for keeping me and a small band of good friends in contact with each other.

Visit the sfp web site >

nicholas jermy photography website design

My brother is fairly handy with an DSLR camera, and needed a site to start promoting himself and showcasing his work. He produced the layout in photoshop and I turned it into a web site for it’s launch.

Visit Nicholas Jermy photography >

safari honeymoon kenya and tanzania

For our honeymoon in 2009 we had a 10 day safari in East Africa. Upon our return, I created this web site from scratch to show friends and family our experiences. I also produced an hour long film to accompany the photos.

Visit our honeymoon web site >

3 peaks and a paddle expedition 2003

With a bunch of good friends, over the course of 1 week we climbed the 3 highest peaks in the British Isles and canoed over 75 miles of the river Spey in Scotland. I branded the trip and filmed the whole thing. I eventually produced a 105 minute movie of the trip, and the accompanying web site.

Visit the 3 peaks and a paddle site >

halesworth town football club web site and programmes

For my local football team, I volunteered to produce the club web site, plus a match day programme for every home game of the season. Along the way I also produced letterheads, car stickers and club training wear.

Portfolio coming soon >