who am I?

I'm Matthew and I live in Norwich, Norfolk, UK. I like Indiana Jones, Star Wars, dinosaurs, Lost, the X Files, Jackass, Ricky Gervais, the Rock, Alan Partridge, Toy Story and Lego. I also follow the mighty canaries, play a bit myself, grow my own veg and love the great outdoors.

Oh, and I do a bit of design work too.

the day job

By day I’m a full-time graphic designer, covering a broad spectrum of graphic design. Every day I’m dealing with catalogues, web sites, emails, store POS and in house communications.

at night (or when I can)

I’ve always got a design related job on the go, whether it be something personal, or for a friend or for family. This quite often involves a bit of logo design, branding, web design, photography, film making, interior design, landscape design or, more often of late, building something out of a pallet.